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The Invisibility Principle

Every kid dreams of being invisible. The power of invisibility is the stuff of science fiction and superheroes. Wouldn’t it be great to enter a room without anyone knowing you’re there? Or would it? As the newcomer in town, I feel a bit like the Invisible (wo)Man. I walk into my children’s schools, the YMCA […]

Read with Discernment

Walked into a Christian bookstore last week and noticed Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller) had a tag sticking out from under it. Never one to pass on a sale, I strolled over to check it out. Instead of a 20% off deal, I found a warning label that said Read with Discernment. It read: We […]

The Adventure Continues

Today, we celebrate our one month anniversary in RDU, as many call it. We decided to rent a townhome in Morrisville until we feel confident the schools will work out for our children. Question: How do you fit furniture from a 2400 SF, two car garage single-family home into a 1700 SF, no garage townhome? […]

Wallace Family Hits the Road, Parts 3-5

Finally. I’m posting the conclusion to our cross country trip (two months after the fact) for those who wanted to know. We’ll get caught up soon. Wallaces Do Whitewater?! Call it a midlife crisis. I was looking for boat rides, nice scenic boat rides when it hit me. I’m not that old yet. I’m not […]