About Momentum

Suppose I decide to train for a marathon. I start by running a mile a day in the first month. My goal is to increase the maximum number of miles I’m able to run a day by one mile a month. My plan will require over two years of preparation before I’m able to cross the finish line. My track record for sticking with long-term goals tells me my chance of success is minimal.

However, I enlist the help of Pete, the personal trainer. Pete’s system promises to increase my maximum distance by about 92% a month. How is he able to prepare me for a marathon in just six short months? Pete’s system forces me to add a number of cardio-vascular exercises to my training program, change my diet and strengthen various muscle groups. In short, Pete transforms my approach to training, thus changing my trajectory.

Life transformation works the same way. Many of us plod along trying to reach our goals, often giving up because we’re distracted, overloaded or just bored. But a life yielded to God is a life yielded to transformation. When you invite God into your life to address faulty priorities, paralyzing fears and costly distractions, you’re like the runner who hired Pete the Personal Trainer. You recognize your system is ineffective and prone to failure.

God transforms an average life into an extraordinary life by changing one’s trajectory. Though you once plodded along the shore, now you’re racing through open seas. The wind tangles your hair and the salt stings your eyes, but your heart pounds like it did the day you discovered roller coasters. You’re drinking in the thrill of being used by God to change the world. Your soul has found momentum.

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