Genuinely Christian Education: Courageous

Every aspect of a Christian School should reflect a desire to know God and a desperate dependence on God. If a Christian School is to be redemptive, then it does not have the luxury of sending children elsewhere to get their act together. As a parent of vulnerable, impressionable children, this truth frightens me. Because […]

Genuinely Christian Education: Nurturing

 A Christian School should encourage excellence and celebrate the unique value of the individual. Is it right to have admissions standards of any kind? Many schools have academic requirements such as a minimum grade point average or test score. Others have conduct standards, screening out the ill-behaved. Still others require that at least one parent […]

Genuinely Christian Education: Accessible

 A Christian School should provide access to the challenged not just challenge the privileged. Many schools answer the call to excellence by screening out low performers through admissions standards. In one school’s annual report, parents were assured SAT test scores would improve since the school would be instituting tougher admissions standards. This same school bragged […]

Genuinely Christian Education: Redemptive

A Christian School environment is redemptive, abounding in grace. The admissions requirements for many Christian schools are enough to make one’s blood boil. One school states, “Students who seek admission directly following suspension, expulsion, or behavior problems from another school will not be accepted until they prove themselves elsewhere.” This school proudly protects its stalwart […]