One Family’s Story – Part 3

There was one bright spot in the journey. Bellevue Christian School in Bellevue, Washington does open their doors to children with disabilities. They offer the NILD (National Institute for Learning Disabilities) program to tackle moderate learning differences. Interestingly, the school has an excellent reputation, boasting high achievement scores. This school approaches Christian education with a […]

One Family’s Story – Part 2

Nonetheless, I requested an evaluation through our public schools. This time, they identified some deficiencies in Jane’s learning and were willing to provide minimal intervention services in conjunction with my continuing to home school. The next year my husband took an extended sabbatical and we hopped into a motor home to tour the country and […]

One Family’s Story – Part 1

I have heard people say that vision begins when a sense of “oughtness” consumes you. For me, life changed in 1999. My daughter, who barely spoke English, began public kindergarten. I’ll never forget that first heart-wrenching parent’s night. Cute renditions of families and houses adorned the wall. Searching for Jane’s picture, anxiety began to consume […]