Genuinely Christian Education: Courageous

Every aspect of a Christian School should reflect a desire to know God and a desperate dependence on God. If a Christian School is to be redemptive, then it does not have the luxury of sending children elsewhere to get their act together. As a parent of vulnerable, impressionable children, this truth frightens me. Because […]

Genuinely Christian Education: Nurturing

 A Christian School should encourage excellence and celebrate the unique value of the individual. Is it right to have admissions standards of any kind? Many schools have academic requirements such as a minimum grade point average or test score. Others have conduct standards, screening out the ill-behaved. Still others require that at least one parent […]

One Family’s Story – Part 1

I have heard people say that vision begins when a sense of “oughtness” consumes you. For me, life changed in 1999. My daughter, who barely spoke English, began public kindergarten. I’ll never forget that first heart-wrenching parent’s night. Cute renditions of families and houses adorned the wall. Searching for Jane’s picture, anxiety began to consume […]

Happy New Year!

At the beginning of each year, many of us take inventory of what we are doing and compare it to what we feel we should be doing with our time. We vow to add the “should do’s” to our schedules and eliminate some no-noes from our habits. This tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions stems […]

Selling Vacuum Cleaners, Part 2

So how do business people help the church work? Imagine Joe, the new dairy manager. Right away he notices ice cream production is way down. He reads Ice Cream Monthly and he knows there’s no shortage of ice cream lovers. Joe rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. He increases milk orders by 20% […]

Selling Vacuum Cleaners, Part 1

The church has a problem. It’s not what you may think. No, I’m not talking about tumbling attendance rates, financial shortfalls, music wars or the staggering number of our adult children walking away from Christ. The real problem, according to many, is that these pastors are just so darn disorganized.  “What we need,” say some, […]

Read with Discernment

Walked into a Christian bookstore last week and noticed Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller) had a tag sticking out from under it. Never one to pass on a sale, I strolled over to check it out. Instead of a 20% off deal, I found a warning label that said Read with Discernment. It read: We […]

The Tyranny of Fear

In 1967, Charles Hummel wrote his classic, The Tyranny of the Urgent. He describes our tendency to forgo the important matters in life in favor of those that scream the loudest at the moment. Recently I’ve experienced another type of tyranny – fear. One of this week’s “Word of the Day” entries from was […]

Seattle Blues

Seattle is in a bad mood. Yup, everywhere I go people are gruff, “nice spring we’re having, huh? grumble, grumble . . .” Maybe it was the rain, snow, sleet and hail that besieged us last Thursday and Friday . . .and Saturday . . .and Sunday. Maybe the lack of sunshine for the last […]

Courage or Recklessness?

Do you recall a person in your life whose constant attitude was, “I’ve already made up my mind; don’t confuse me with the facts”? Most of us have made a few bad decisions for lack of information. But have you ever become so committed to a course of action that you intentionally closed your mind […]