Genuinely Christian Education: Courageous

Every aspect of a Christian School should reflect a desire to know God and a desperate dependence on God. If a Christian School is to be redemptive, then it does not have the luxury of sending children elsewhere to get their act together. As a parent of vulnerable, impressionable children, this truth frightens me. Because […]

Genuinely Christian Education: Nurturing

 A Christian School should encourage excellence and celebrate the unique value of the individual. Is it right to have admissions standards of any kind? Many schools have academic requirements such as a minimum grade point average or test score. Others have conduct standards, screening out the ill-behaved. Still others require that at least one parent […]

One Family’s Story – Part 2

Nonetheless, I requested an evaluation through our public schools. This time, they identified some deficiencies in Jane’s learning and were willing to provide minimal intervention services in conjunction with my continuing to home school. The next year my husband took an extended sabbatical and we hopped into a motor home to tour the country and […]

One Family’s Story – Part 1

I have heard people say that vision begins when a sense of “oughtness” consumes you. For me, life changed in 1999. My daughter, who barely spoke English, began public kindergarten. I’ll never forget that first heart-wrenching parent’s night. Cute renditions of families and houses adorned the wall. Searching for Jane’s picture, anxiety began to consume […]

FATHERHOOD: Can Men Live Up to the Image?

“A man of steel and velvet,” author-poet Carl Sandburg used these words to describe Abraham Lincoln. The phrase became for many a metaphor for the ideal male persona, the perfect combination of strength and tenderness to which men must aspire. Stu Weber expounded the vision in his groundbreaking book, Tender Warrior (1993). Weber defined “four […]

Blogging Fast

Due to personal and family commitments, we will go on a brief “blogging fast” in April. Check back on April 22 for our next post. Thanks!

Courage or Recklessness?

Do you recall a person in your life whose constant attitude was, “I’ve already made up my mind; don’t confuse me with the facts”? Most of us have made a few bad decisions for lack of information. But have you ever become so committed to a course of action that you intentionally closed your mind […]

The Cost of Trivial Excellence

Once there was a man who set out to get rich so that he could afford all the things his heart desired. He hung pictures of expensive cars and boats, luxurious homes, exotic vacation resorts, and the latest entertainment technology on his wall. He believed that these pictures would motivate him to work hard for […]

An Honest Confession from a Hurried Mom

I picked up my purse and said to the kids, “Come on; let’s get in the van.” It was as though I’d fired the gun for the 100 meter sprint. Both kids grabbed their shoes (to put on in the car) and said to each other, “Hurry, hurry, we’re late.” For once, I wasn’t running […]

Our Russian Adoption Adventure – Part 2

Scrunched into the backseat of our Russian chariot, we began our final tasks. Our driver, Igor, took us to the apartment home of Sasha and Natasha. We climbed into what looked like the elevator from the Shady Rest hotel and entered our home for the next 4 ½ days. We were exhausted and I wasn’t […]