The Invisibility Principle

Every kid dreams of being invisible. The power of invisibility is the stuff of science fiction and superheroes. Wouldn’t it be great to enter a room without anyone knowing you’re there? Or would it? As the newcomer in town, I feel a bit like the Invisible (wo)Man. I walk into my children’s schools, the YMCA […]

The Adventure Continues

Today, we celebrate our one month anniversary in RDU, as many call it. We decided to rent a townhome in Morrisville until we feel confident the schools will work out for our children. Question: How do you fit furniture from a 2400 SF, two car garage single-family home into a 1700 SF, no garage townhome? […]

Wallace Family Hits the Road, Parts 3-5

Finally. I’m posting the conclusion to our cross country trip (two months after the fact) for those who wanted to know. We’ll get caught up soon. Wallaces Do Whitewater?! Call it a midlife crisis. I was looking for boat rides, nice scenic boat rides when it hit me. I’m not that old yet. I’m not […]

Wallace Family Hits the Road, Part 2

Behold the Waffle Iron Our plan was to hit Grand Coulee Dam on Wednesday, but our late departure called for a schedule revision. We had non-refundable hotel reservations in West Yellowstone and motivated by our mutual cheapness, John and I decided to make the long haul eastward. We lost an hour to Mountain Time and […]

Wallace Family Hits the Road

Note: As of July 15, we are spending time with family in Atlanta but here are some highlights of the last month. Getting Out of DodgeCould it be true? We closed on our house, no hitches. God is good. OK, we did hit one bump – packing. We bought the sales pitch – hook, line […]

Selling Our House – The Rest of the Story

Apparently my abulia has left me a little behind in my posts. So here’s the rest of the story. At the end of April, we declared our house “good enough to sell,” despite numerous noble intentions left unaddressed. We listed our home and prepared for a long and grueling process given the current market conditions. […]

The Tyranny of Fear

In 1967, Charles Hummel wrote his classic, The Tyranny of the Urgent. He describes our tendency to forgo the important matters in life in favor of those that scream the loudest at the moment. Recently I’ve experienced another type of tyranny – fear. One of this week’s “Word of the Day” entries from was […]