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About two years ago, I lost momentum. Life wasn’t terrible. It was well . . . average. Desperate for my life to matter, I defied the pragmatist within and began to dream. Moved by God’s gentle nudge and my husband’s loving encouragement, I found the nerve to leave the status quo. I transitioned from the world of spreadsheets and budget briefings to that of manuscripts and storytelling. My Father was kindling in me a passion to pursue God-sized dreams, bite off new challenges, and enter the terrifying world of learning something new, without any assurance of success. His transforming power humbles and exhilarates me. I’ve found my momentum.

Like most people, I battle unrelenting expectations, unruly schedules, and white-knuckled fear. But I believe God offers us life far beyond sheer survival. Through my writing, coaching and speaking, I urge people to move beyond coping and dare to embrace a dynamic, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please take a moment to browse the topics listed here. I will work with your group to provide the right program for your context. I look forward to hearing from you. ~Joyce

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