Quality Friendships in a Hurry-Up World

Normal, intelligent people feel flighty or scatterbrained because their lives are filled with missed appointments, broken promises, and forgotten birthdays. When we run in the fast lane, we leave trails of broken or neglected friendships. Friends who once brought laughter become people with expectations. If we want to experience the full and abundant life Christ promises, we’ll choose to move past our artificial coping strategies and on to cultivating the skills and Christ-like character to relate deeply with imperfect people.

Courage in the Calm

“When you’re scared of something but you do it anyway,” – an 8 year old boy’s definition of courage. Fear and worry paralyze but courage moves us forward. Joyce shares some strategies to face your fears and become an encourager to others.

Graceful Reentry

Is it time for a change in your life? What are some simple ways to know if, when and how you should transition out of a job, a volunteer position or a relationship? Joyce will share ways to be truthful without burning bridges, maintain boundaries without becoming calloused, and take responsibility for yourself without blaming others.

Habits of the Grateful (see Marriage & Family)

Gratefulness seems to be a dying value in today’s culture. Olympic athletes pay homage to themselves without regard for others’ investments. Almost every workplace struggles with employees who feel entitled to a host of privileges. Joyce examines Biblical gratefulness – why we should be in the habit of practicing gratefulness and how to teach our children to do the same.


Do you truly know how to forgive or do you just try to make the offense more forgivable? Joyce examines Jesus’ penetrating answer to the question, “how many times must I forgive a man?”


Thousands of books have been written on the topic of leadership. Now that we all know how to be leaders, does anyone out there know how to follow? Joyce identifies the qualities that exhilarate leaders as well as attitudes which drain and frustrate leaders.