Marriage and Family

Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” (Ephesians 3:20, NIV)  In December 1997, Joyce and her husband John traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to adopt their two precious children.  Their story of extraordinary miracles in the lives of ordinary people is both touching and humorous as Joyce celebrates God’s transforming grace and the faithfulness of fellow believers.  The story is particularly poignant at Christmas time.

Help! The Aliens Swapped My Children!

Does your child’s personality challenge you? Are you asking yourself why those tricks your mother used aren’t working with your kids? Find out how to best love, discipline and challenge each child uniquely according to his or her personality.

Good Mom, Bad Mom.

Expectations can hang over us like a dark cloud refusing to rain. When driven by others’ expectations, we become dismal decision-decision makers. No matter what we choose, we hear a voice saying, “bad mom, bad mom, bad mom.” When we resolve to be God-seekers rather than approval-seekers, we stop second-guessing and begin making better choices for our families and ourselves.

Habits of the Grateful.

When Biblical gratefulness infuses our daily routine, we gain strength for life’s inevitable blows. Teach your children (and yourself!) six simple habits to be counted among the grateful.

Home-Baked Cookies & Other Myths of Motherhood

Life not turning out the way you planned? Often our dreams of parenting are a far cry from the daily grind. Children can challenge our resolve, reminding us of our need for God. We find rest and joy when we release the “what should be’s” and begin celebrating the “what is.”

Free to Grieve, Free to Dance

Do you believe God is able to withstand your questions and walk you through times of despair? Faced with the heartache of infertility, Joyce found herself questioning some of her core beliefs. She shares her discovery that hope, joy and clarity await those who are given the freedom to grieve.

I Have Troubled Children

Is there hope for damaged children? Secular support groups teach parents to accept moral failings as part of a child’s disability. Many well meaning Christians believe that proper discipline will resolve all moral issues, regardless of a disability. Or worse, parents of special needs children are subtly told not to talk about their issues.  These Christian parents often face their unique challenges in solitude. Joyce encourages parents to openly confess their challenges to fellow believers and reject the shame of those who do not understand.  NOTE:  This is a delicate topic, best suited for parents of special needs children or believers who desire to minister to these parents.