Personality Plus

Have you noticed your co-workers are different? There are the boisterous, fun-loving “people” people. Others are driven. They need a sense of control and achievement. Some value accuracy and attention to detail. They follow the rules because they wrote most of them! Finally, there are those steady, balanced, “no-sweat” types moved by neither celebratory nor demanding outbursts. Chances are at least one of these people drives you nuts.

People thrive for different reasons in different work environments. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all organizational approach invites conflict and management challenges. Personality Plus training can help. Awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses coupled with an understanding of what makes others tick can transform the work atmosphere. Problem solving activities will help individuals tune into the “plus” of each personality, while addressing specific weaknesses. The result is a harmonious, productive workplace.

Session lengths will vary depending on individual needs, including choice of presentation or working session formats. See additional notes below.

Personalities at a Glance (30- 45 minutes)

This session is a humorous overview of the personality types identified by Hippocrates. Learn why a “popular” sanguine loves fun while a “powerful” choleric celebrates a job well done. Understand why a “perfect” melancholy has to get it right while a “peaceful” phlegmatic would rather go home early tonight.

Personality Overview (60- 120 minutes)

This in-depth session identifies the four personalities by looking at the visible cues. We’ll identify the assets and primary needs of each type, focusing on how this understanding can improve our relationships. The session may also cover personality blends and communication styles.

Turnover Tumult (60 – 90 minutes)

Turnover is costly. But did you know a high-risk (to turnover) environment is also costly? We’ll highlight the warning signs, as given by each personality, that your office is high-risk environment. We’ll discuss the cost of a “one foot out the door” employee and the role of training.

Water Cooler Wars (60 – 90 minutes)

“If he would just…..” Each personality in your office has a different set of needs and expectations. When an office environment focuses on overcoming weaknesses to the detriment of developing strengths, frustration is the natural result. Conversely, strengths carried to extremes can become compulsions that drive everyone crazy. We’ll learn strategies to meet your co-workers real needs as opposed to what we think they should need.

Micromanagement Mayhem (60- 120 minutes)

Everyone hates micromanagement. No one micromanages, so they think. What are the primary differences between proactive management and micromanagement? What distinguishes a hands-off manager from someone who simply doesn’t manage? The answers vary depending on the personality types involved. What is necessary for one employee may drive another insane. Learn how translate your unique needs into expectations that will motivate rather than create passive-resistance or apathy.

Dream Teams (60 – 90 minutes)

Learn how to become the employee people want to work with and create the environment people want to work in. We’ll piece together the workplace puzzle in a way that utilizes the assets of each personality. Topics may include defining success, and effective sales to the various personalities.

Productivity Plus (60 – 120 minutes)

Do you staff for maximum productivity or to fill a job description? When staff doesn’t fulfill your expectations, do you train their weaknesses or build their strengths? This session will provide strategies to get the most out of your staff, including the right rewards systems to motivate each personality. Topics may include “promote to fail” scenarios, rethinking the job description and the advantages of fluid versus static staffing.

Management Plus (60 – 120 minutes)

An inspiring leader effectively motivates and recognizes staff. However, demanding employees and personal motivators can keep managers in the role of parent rather than leader. In this session, we’ll outline strategies for managers to staff to their weaknesses. Also, managers will learn ways to navigate personality pitfalls and challenge staff to shine in their strengths. The session will cover the importance of ethical management.

Topics may be scheduled as stand alone* presentations or bundled in seminars of varying lengths (see samples). Sessions can be catered to your specific audience. To maximize conference benefit, managers may fill out a 15 minute pre-conference intake form.

*Stand alone topics other than personality overview will require a minimum of 90 minutes (the first 30 minutes will be an overview of the personalities).