Led by John & Joyce Wallace

Natural Health for Marriages

What are the habits of a healthy marriage? What lingering issues can become toxic to a relationship? This is a “hands-on” weekend. Teaching time focuses on establishing healthy patterns and is intermingled with directed couples’ one-on-one time. Couples are asked to submit extensive surveys before-hand. During the one-on-one exercises, couples will draw from survey responses.

Soul Momentum

A Six Session Teaching Series with Workbook

Have you ever had one of those moments? Maybe it’s your birthday, a child’s graduation, or some other milestone. Reality hits -somewhere between big dreams and life as you know it today, you lost momentum. You became a survivor or worse, average. Most people want their lives to matter and yet many feel “stuck”. Soul Momentum is about overcoming setbacks and removing barricades in order to enjoy a high impact life. Topics are listed below:

  • Lift the Anchor – Breaking Free of Guilt and Shame
  • Chart the Course – Resolving Internal Conflicts
  • Lighten the Load – Removing Disorder that Paralyzes
  • Face the Storm – Mustering the Courage to Move Forward
  • View the Horizon – Choosing to be Transformed
  • Open Seas – Enjoying a High Impact Life

This series can be catered to a variety of settings.