Welcome to Soul Momentum

When asked, “What is your greatest fear,” people will come up with answers ranging from snakes to public speaking. Gather these same people in an intimate coffee shop and ask what keeps them awake at night. You’ll quickly move away from Fear Factor answers to the heartbeat of would-be world changers. Their fears sound something like this:

“I don’t want to waste my life.”

“I’m afraid I’ll never do anything important.”

“I can’t stand the idea of looking back at my life with regret, but I can’t get out of this rut.”

And why shouldn’t these thoughts cause a person to stare at the ceiling at 4 am? Most people don’t change. They are locked into a routine that works, at least sometimes, and have forgone the idea that they might make a difference. Yet Christ promises transformation to those who follow Him. Christ offers hope to those unsatisfied with ordinary living.

When you decide to pursue courageously your God-given purposes, you will gain the momentum to add value to this world.

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